Chiller, Process & Industrial Cooling

REFCOM registered, we specialise in chiller installations to the hospitality (food and beverage), medical, utilities and engineering sectors.

YCS Ltd is experienced in the installation of stainless steel and carbon steel solutions using ‘press fit’ technology to ensure the highest standards.

Our fully qualified engineers are experienced in all aspects of refrigeration, and we comply with up-to-date F-GAS regulations.

From planning to contract, from lifting equipment into place to carrying out pipework modifications and commissioning, YCS Ltd is here for all your cooling needs - whether that be industrial packaged chillers, or entire cooling installations.

YCS Ltd provide chillers and cooling equipment as individual units or complete systems, which we design, install, and maintain.

YCS Ltd can provide the following services for your chiller needs:

  • Supply of new or reconditioned chillers to suit your budget

  • Installation of chillers and associated pipework

  • Service maintenance and breakdown support of your chiller equipment.

  • Extensive stock of the common electrical & mechanical parts

  • Stainless steel press systems up to 110mm

  • Iron threaded pipework up to 2"

  • Pressurisation units

  • Glycol supply